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Don't leave home without your Packing Squad - these are a game changer!! Imagine how satisfying it is to open your suitcase and know exactly where everything is in our pretty custom printed cubes!  Designed in a super lightweight material that will keep your clothes neat and super organized.  All 3 cubes have a poly mesh top panel and they fit perfectly into your luggage and drawers so you can pack and unpack in a flash.

TRVL Design Packing Squad - Batik Mist

    • 100% Custom Print Poly

    • Poly Mesh top panel with Natural Bamboo pullers

    • Set of 3 Sizes:
      Small Bag with printed pattern:  9.75"l  x  3.25"h  x  8.25"w
      Medium Bag with printed pattern: 13"l   x  3.25"h  x  10"w
      Large Bag with printed pattern: 17"l  x  3.5"h  x 12.5"w 

    • Stain resistant, water-repellant & wipeable inside and out

    • Care: wipe with a clean damp cloth or machine wash delicate and line dry

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