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What is Tradition Lane?

At Tradition Lane, we believe that traditions are one of life's most beautiful gifts. We know that all traditions - simple, extravagant, passed down from generation to generation, and even first-time traditions - become treasured memories that last a lifetime.

Often, traditions are what define the feeling of "home" for us. At Tradition Lane, we are passionate about making it fun and easy for you to continue timeless, classic traditions while creating new traditions. We are also passionate about turning ordinary days into extraordinary memories through small gestures such as something as simple as a thank you card. This simple gesture of "thankful Thursday" is one of our favorite weekly traditions. By simply taking five minutes to write a handwritten thank you card to someone, we can spread joy and show those around us how much they are appreciated!

We are honored to be part of your journey and work hard to ensure that everything we offer makes it easy, special, and fun for you to create lifelong memories through everyday traditions. Every item and experience that we offer has a meaningful purpose and it is our hope that each one brings you, your family, and your community great joy and that they may become part of your story for years to come.

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